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Redgate Fund Management is an fund manager established in 2022 with an aim to provide investors with a solid opportunity of return generation and stability in uncertain macroeconomic environment.

Redgate Fund Management OÜ is a small fund manager registered in Estonia.

Our funds

Redgate Timberland Fund

An alternative investment fund focusing on a silviculture of young and middle-aged forests in the Baltics.

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Environmental and
social responsibility

Our goal is to manage the timberland assets sustainably and responsibly while offering attractive long term investment opportunity for our investors.

Limited Partnership Fund Redgate Timberland (“Redgate Timberland Fund” or “Fund”) will follow the policies and practices of responsible investment and will pay adequate attention to environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) related issues in its everyday activities, decisions and approaches. Our investment focus is long term, we will not seek short term gains at the expense of long-term sustainable value generation. For avoidance of doubt, even considering that the Fund will be initially established as a fund with a term, we aim to restructure it as an evergreen investment entity in three years to carry on the same operations according to stated principles.

We are paying strong attention to environmental, social, health and safety issues

We conduct our operations in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards and we expect the same from our cooperation partners. We believe that respect for the law and fair business principles creates the basis for healthy and safe society. We will strictly follow the existing rules and regulations and we contribute to the improvement of the rules where we deem it necessary.

Our investment focus is long-term: we do not go for short-term gains at the expense of sustainable value growth.

The way we operate and act with the investments in timberland will influence the way our children, families and community will step into the future – we aim to perform responsibly and think of the long-term success not of the short-term gains.

Due to the evergreen nature of the created investment vehicle, our decisions are not stressed by limitations deriving from investment horizon, thus leaving us more freedom in decision making.  The investment process rules out speculative transactions and short – term profit seeking.

Subordination to global certification systems

We aim to be certified and act according to FSC and PEFC standards

We strictly comply with anti-corruption, anti-bribery and AML rules, regulations and principles

Criminal action, as well as unethical business behaviour, harms the society and people. We strictly control the background of invested capital, the properties we invest in and exercise duly cautious with respect to the partners we are working with.

We do not accept money with unclear background to be invested in the Fund. We do not invest into properties with unclear background and transactions history. We do not cooperate with people in case we have concerns about the legitimacy of their past activities (ex: involvement in illegal logging, etc).

We respect and cooperate with local communities and other key stakeholders

Timberland and nature reserves – even when owned by a certain legal or physical person – should remain open to public and support the society in developing a balanced life and creating valuable environment for people in our society. We cooperate with local communities to cater harmony with local community and sustain suitable conditions for the living of wildlife and people.

We support biodiversity conservation and environmental protection principles

Value creation and return on the investments can be generated while sustaining biodiversity and ecosystems, supporting long-term sustainability. Forests are habitat for various species – some of them endangered – thus, we manage the forest responsibly to maintain the existing biodiversity. We pay strong attention to water supply and regimes in connection to our properties, avoiding monocropping and over harvesting.

We manage timberland bearing in mind the global aim of climate-neutral policies

Forests play an important role in fight against climate change, and we appreciate this fully. In managing our forests, we focus on long-term value creation in accordance with sustainable management principles. Our aim is to contribute to CO2 capturing – both with silvicultural activities and producing the roundwood as potential source for long-lasting products.

We respect the people with whom we work and support their development

People are the most valuable asset to us and to our portfolio companies, their motivation and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. We respect our people and support their development to enable the value of our investors to grow. We follow the principles of fair and competitive wages, safe and healthy workplace, work-life balance and equal opportunity in employment practices and procedures. Not only we apply those principles, we also demand the same from our sub-contractors, service providers and business partners.

We follow transparent governance principles with help of external competences

The governance of the Fund will be transparent and outwards-directed, for the benefit of investors, our employees, business partners and general public. The Fund will involve external sources – experienced, dedicated forest managers and advisers – to achieve excellence in operations and to introduce most up-to-date management approach in forestry. To affirm the chosen policies and management actions the Fund will use top level auditors and appraisers for review and advise purposes.

We aim to cooperate with academic circles (scientists, universities, high level professionals) and offer our resources for academic research and traineeships.

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